Ron DeSantis' Critics Think Wife Casey Has 'Overestimated' Their Florida Success as They Gear Up for a Presidential Campaign


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Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is officially announcing his run for the Republican Party nomination for president on Wednesday, but it’s his wife Casey DeSantis who seems to be making waves in political circles. Depending on who you speak to, the first lady of Florida is either her husband’s “secret weapon” or a hindrance to his White House ambitions.

A recent report by Politico shows just how motivated the duo is to making the Oval Office a part of Ron’s future. However, some critics are noting that she may have “overestimated her ability to be a driving force in a presidential campaign” because their success in Florida does not necessarily translate to the national level. One thing is clear: Casey is her husband’s “most important confidante,” according to supporter Dan Eberhart, who spoke to the Telegraph. And MSNBC analyst David Jolly told Politico, “She is every bit as involved in Ron’s rise as Ron is himself.”

Unlike Melania Trump, who did not relish her role on the national stage, Casey is TV ready, having been a news anchor early on in her career. She is expected to be front and center during the campaign because she considered to be a more “natural” speaker than Ron, according to Steve Scheffler, president of Iowa’s Faith and Freedom Coalition, via the Telegraph. However, her all-in involvement in Ron’s political career has drawn the comparison to Lady Macbeth — a William Shakespeare character who was the catalyst for her husband’s downfall — from Donald Trump loyalist Roger Stone. That certainly wasn’t a compliment by any means.

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With a big fight for that nomination against Donald Trump ahead, it’s unclear how Ron’s controversial state policies will be viewed by GOP supporters in other states. That’s one potential blind spot in their campaign. Eberhart has a more middle-of-the-road view on Casey’s role and how Ron needs to strategize in the coming months. “She is both his biggest asset and his biggest liability. And I say biggest asset in that I think she does make him warmer, softer,” he said to Politico. “But he needs to be surrounded with professional people, not just her.” The big question is whether Ron and Casey are willing listen to any outside advice to make that successful run for president.

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