Prince Harry Might Be Responsible for a 'Staggering Sum' With His Ongoing Legal Cases


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After Prince Harry lost his last legal case after asking if he could pay out of pocket for police protection in the U.K., the Duke of Sussex might need to take a breather and assess his what could be mounting court costs. And it’s not his only ongoing legal battle — Harry is spending a lot of money on lawyers right now

The fight has cost the British government over $371,000 (£300,000) to fight, according to The Sun. Now that the judge has ruled that the Metropolitan Police are not “private bodyguards for the wealthy,” Harry could be on the hook for his legal bills and the government’s as well, which the Daily Mail thinks could top $640,000 (£500,000) by the time it’s all over. The judge has not ruled yet on whether the Duke of Sussex will be responsible for paying the taxpayers back for the suit, but his personal legal tab hasn’t even been factored into the equation. 

Harry may have to take a step back and see how he’s progressing with all of his legal battles as he still has “two phone-hacking trials and a libel action before the courts,” according to The Daily Beast. The Sussexes have done extremely well after stepping down as working royals, but even their production and publishing deals can’t wipe away those mounting legal bills. It could be why Meghan Markle is stepping up her Hollywood game and working with one of the entertainment industry’s top agencies to develop her brand. 

The couple has shown that round-the-clock security is necessary to keep their family safe since there are constant threats, but without the palace security, they are also saddled with huge protection bills. Prince Harry seems to want to do the right thing for his family, but perhaps the court system isn’t the best way to do it.

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