Never Let Your Period Hold You Back: How Beautikini’s Swimwear Works


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Every year, billions of disposable period proof swimsuit products are discarded, adding to the world’s plastic pollution crisis. These products take hundreds of years to decompose, and as a result, they are causing devastating harm to our oceans and marine life.

In fact, a recent study found that the equivalent of one garbage truck of plastic enters our oceans every minute. And menstrual products are a major contributor to this problem. Tampons, pads, and panty liners are all made with plastic materials that cannot be recycled, and they end up polluting our waterways and harming aquatic life.

But there is a solution. By switching to reusable menstrual products, we can significantly reduce our environmental impact. And with period swimwear like Beautikini, we can even eliminate the need for disposable products altogether. Made with high-quality, eco-friendly materials, period swimwear is a sustainable and practical solution for women who want to enjoy their time in the water without harming the planet.

By choosing reusable period swimwear, we can reduce our plastic waste, protect our oceans, and create a more sustainable future for generations to come. Let’s take action today and make a positive change for the environment.


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