Maybelline Keen Super Stay Vinyl Ink Liquid Lipcolor Review & Swatches


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Formula Overview

$12.99/0.14 oz. – $92.79 Per Ounce

The formula is supposed to have “no-budge” color that stays on for “16 hours” without smudging or transferring. It had a lightweight, smooth, and spreadable consistency that was quite fluid but typically not too thin or too runny, so it was easy enough to work with on my lips. Those with less lip real-estate may want to use just one side of the applicator initially, though.

The majority of shades had opaque coverage delivered in one layer. With this formula, you’ll want to give it at least 15 seconds to “set,” which is when it turns tackier, adheres, and doesn’t transfer, but it is better to give it 30 seconds, then gently press lips together. There is a little tackiness that comes off but no visible color. (Before it is set, it is easy to get on teeth, but once it is set, then it doesn’t transfer onto teeth!)

I found that the initial “set” phase can feel a little clingy–not uncomfortably so, but I know I’m wearing something–but it gets increasingly flexible and more comfortable after an hour or two of wear. The product was forgiving of lip texture imperfections, and it was quite long-wearing. There were a few shades that had a more jelly-like, slightly translucent finish rather than a more “vinyl” like, creamier sheen.

I had no issues with the color lasting through drinks (water, latte) and one meal, but two meals definitely wore it down more noticeably. It seemed to wear away evenly. I was impressed by the overall longevity but in particular the comfort: really quite comfortable and dare I say, lightly hydrating, over the 10-14 hours the shades wore for. The lighter shades tended to wear away more quickly compared to richer/deeper hues, which is typical of most lip color formulas.

It had a very sweet, caramel-like scent but no discernible taste. I didn’t notice the scent much after the initial application.

Browse all of our Maybelline Super Stay Vinyl Ink Liquid Lipcolor swatches.



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