Introducing Heardle 60s: A Must-Try Twist for 60s Music Enthusiasts


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Heardle 60s presents a captivating variation of the popular game, Heardle 60s, designed exclusively for fans of 60s music. In this unique version, players are challenged to guess the correct song titles within a day. The objective is to predict the song with just six attempts while listening to its introduction. Successfully identifying the song rewards you with the pleasure of listening to the entire track, immersed in the lively melodies of the 60s.

With each correct guess, you unravel more of the mystery song, gradually revealing a substantial portion of the day’s musical selection.

How to Play Heardle 60s?

To experience a sample of the music, simply hit the Play button while engaging with it. You are then presented with six chances to select the author or title of the song.

Upon listening to the introduction, if you have already deduced the answer, go ahead and choose the appropriate song from the 1960s selection.

Skipping or making a mistake allows you to uncover additional portions of the introduction.

Once you have formulated your answer, strive to respond swiftly, and don’t forget to share your score on social media.

Lastly, remember to savor the song by tapping to commence playback, and adjusting the volume to your liking.

Tips and Strategies for Winning Heardle 60s

To enhance your chances of solving this music game, consider the following helpful hints:

Immerse yourself in the music by listening to it repeatedly before proceeding.

Utilize all available clues to increase your chances of solving the challenge within the remaining five attempts.

Each Heardle music game randomly selects ten tracks from a compilation of the most streamed songs of the past decade.

If you find yourself stumped, explore social media platforms for potential answers. In the unlikely event of being unable to solve the puzzle, you can search for other hearing music games to uncover valuable clues.


In conclusion, Heardle 60s offers a captivating twist to the beloved game Heardle, tailor-made for fans of 60s music. To correctly guess song titles within a day, players embark on a musical journey where they must identify songs within six attempts while enjoying their melodic introductions. Successfully predicting the songs rewards players with the joy of experiencing the full tracks of iconic 60s music.

By following tips and strategies such as repeated listening, leveraging clues, and exploring social media for assistance, players can increase their chances of triumphing in this game. The game presents a unique opportunity to immerse oneself in the vibrant sounds of the 60s while challenging their music knowledge and memory.

Don’t miss the chance to tap into the nostalgia of the 60s and test your musical expertise with Heardle 60s. Remember to share your scores on social media and savor the joy of uncovering timeless classics. Let the melodies transport you back in time to an era of remarkable music.



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