E.L.F Holy Hydration! E.L.F. Off Makeup Remover Is Here to Remove All Your Makeup


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E.L.F Holy Hydration! E.L.F. Off Makeup Remover ($7 4.2 oz) is a new bi-phase makeup remover that works on eyes, lips, and face to quickly dissolve all your makeup easily (even waterproof mascara!).

This a non-greasy, gentle formula infused with squalane and niacinminde as well as hyaluronic acid. Apparently it’s ophthalmologist-tested as well and is gentle enough for contact lens wearers to use. I can’t remember E.L.F. having a liquid eye makeup remover can you? They did have that Studio Makeup Remover Pen several years ago (I think it’s still around) but I never seen them do an actual liquid makeup remover. We’ve had cleansing balms and regular old cleansers but nothing in the bi-phase remover realm. I hate to say it but I’m not a big, big fan of the Holy Hydration! Skincare Collection. The only item I haven’t reviewed is the E.L.F. Holy Hydration! Triple Bounce Serum Contains 1.7% Hyaluronic Acid (I’m actually testing it now) but the rest was sort of meh for me.

Oh wait! I’m lying! I do like the Holy Hydration! Lip mask! That’s some good stuff! But the cleansing balm, the moisturizer, the daily cleanser, it’s just really not it for me and this is coming from someone who’s a complete HA h0r! I love anything and everything that contains HA but for some reason E.L.F.’s formulas just don’t really work for me and seem like they lay on top of my skin versus absorbing.

E.L.F Holy Hydration! E.L.F. Off Makeup Remover will def make its way into my cart though as I’m always looking for some cheaper alternative to Lancome Bi-Facil which is terribly expensive and I’m the frugal gourmet when purchasing it and always waiting on a sale to grab a few bottles. Perhaps E.L.F Holy Hydration! E.L.F. Off Makeup Remover will prove a good dupe for it.

E.L.F Holy Hydration! E.L.F. Off Makeup Remover is available now on the brand’s website and should be available soon at Ulta and other mass retailers!

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