Does Period Swimwear Really Work


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Are you tired of having to sit out on swimming during your period? Do you want to enjoy the water without worrying about leaks or discomfort? Look no further than Beautikini Period Swimwear Bottoms!

Our bottoms come in a variety of styles and sizes to fit every body type and preference. Whether you prefer low-waisted or high-waisted, black or colorful, or plus-size swimwear, we’ve got you covered. We even offer period swimwear bottoms for teens and tweens, so everyone can enjoy swimming during their period.

Our period swim bottoms are made with breathable, quick-drying bamboo charcoal and leak-proof gussets to absorb and retain leaks. The bamboo lining also eliminates odors for hygiene, making them great for menstrual periods, mild bladder leaks, postpartum use, and even as an elegant adult swim diaper.

With multi-layer protection, including composite fleece, terry cloth, modal, and a waterproof membrane, our four layers of extended leak-proof gussets give you confidence in the water. Plus, our menstrual panties are reusable and easy to clean, hand or machine washable.

Don’t let your leak-proof swimwear period swimsuits one piece swimsuits for women hold you back from enjoying water activities anymore. Our swimsuit panty can be used without disposable tampons, pads, and liners. And when the flow is heavy, simply wear it with tampons or menstrual cups for added protection.

Experience the freedom and joy of swimming during your period with Beautikini Period Swimwear Bottoms. Buy period swimwear online from our website or search for “period swimwear near me” to find our products in-store. Join the many happy customers who have made Beautikini their go-to for the best period swimwear!


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