Curly Hair 101: Find YOUR Texture & Best Products To Use


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If a journey starts with a single step, your natural hair journey starts with a lifetime of patient walking, searching and exploring. But where do you begin? If you take to the Internet the most common discussion is split into two camps: those saying knowing your curl pattern is important, while others say hair texture (width, length, density and porosity) is more important. We say that BOTH are important, because your texture whispers to you constantly…telling you what it needs to stay healthy, shiny, or styled and controlled. Here’s a helpful guide that ANY texture queen can learn from!

Curl Types, Pattern and a Little Science!

Firstly, it’s important to understand WHY your curly hair is sometimes hard to manage, so we’ll make it quick and concise when it comes to some hair science.

Every strand of hair is called a hair shaft and at the root of the shaft is the hair follicle, the root of your hair attached to your head.

For people with straight hair, the hair follicle that the hair grows out of is round and for people with textured hair the follicle is oval shaped. Picture it like a pasta die where long, straight spaghetti comes out of a round hole vs. a shaped die where twisty shapes come out. 

Your hair grows out curly, kinky, with zig-zags or ringlets because of the follicle shape. This shape is your curl pattern.



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