Add Warmth & Style to Your Space With These Plug-In Sconce Ideas


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This article originally appeared on Schoolhouse, a Portland-based company in the Food52 family of brands.

One of the easiest ways to make an instant impact and refresh an often overlooked corner of your home is to brighten things up with a new light source. While table and floor lamps tend to be everyone’s first choice, another easy and more elevated way to add some dimension to your space is to opt for a plug-in sconce instead.

From colorful kid’s rooms to quiet corners, you might be surprised at how much your space can shine with just a little bit of added light. Below we share some of our favorite unexpected places to install a plug-in sconce in the home.

A sconce placed on either side of the front door is a great way to provide a warm welcome to guests, as well as increase visibility for safety. Additionally, if your entryway opens up into a hallway, the addition of a few plug-in sconces is a great way to provide task lighting and break up the monotony of the hall.

Photo by Courtesy Schoolhouse

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Princeton Mid Sconce 2.25″
Abrams Double Plug-In Sconce 2.25″

We love the look of placing a plug-in sconce on either side of a piece of artwork or your television for added warmth and ambiance. Another way to incorporate a bit of light into your living room is to include a plug-in sconce in a gallery wall. This not only provides some additional ambience, but allows your chosen artwork to really shine.

Photo by Courtesy Schoolhouse

Photo by Schoolhouse

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Astrid Plug-In Sconce
Isaac Plug-In Sconce – Short Arm
Enfield Plug-In Sconce

Installing a plug-in sconce above your bar provides the perfect amount of illumination for bar activities, such as mixing drinks, slicing garnishes, and pouring shots. Additionally, plug-in sconces are an easy way to create an ambient and inviting atmosphere, which can be especially useful in crafting an intimate setting in low-light situations.

Photo by Courtesy Schoolhouse

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Radar Plug-In Sconce
Simone Double Sconce

Another great spot to install a plug-in sconce is a child’s bedroom. Place it next to the bed to allow a little extra light at bedtime, or transform a forgotten corner into a cozy reading nook.

Photo by Courtesy Schoolhouse

Radar Plug-In Sconce
Abrams Double Plug-In Sconce 2.25″



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