3 for 2 mix and match Cheeky Doodoo Nappies, Wraps and Boosters


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11 July 2021  |  Admin

To go reusable or stick with disposables? Cloth bum as the way forward or stick with what you know?

It’s a debate we had in our household, especially since we found out we were pregnant with Baby Number 3 last year…and in the midst of the pandemic no less.

This July, use Plastic Free July to make the intention to take the leap into cloth nappies with 3 for 2 on any of our Cheeky Doodoo nappies, wraps and boosters.

Whether it’s one of each to give cloth a go… 

3 gorgeously soft, super slim yet brilliantly absorbent bamboo nappies to top up your stack… 

Cheeky Doodoo Bamboo Nappy


3 of our DIVINE new prints or block colour wraps to mix things up, depending on your (or baby’s) mood… 

Reusable cloth nappy wrap - one size

Or just 3 packs of 10 super-sucker-upper bamboo boosters for the heavy wetter in your life wink

Cheeky Doodoo Bamboo Cloth Nappy Boosters - pack of 10


You Doodoo you! 

**All our offers are exclusive and can’t be combined. If you use a discount code, it may override the 3 for 2 offer. You can remove the discount code by clicking on the dustbin icon next to the total in your basket.

You’ll need to add 3 items of your choice from the range for one of them to be Free!

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